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No Fee Services:

Client Consultation:Meet with all parties involved; listen to needs, desires and wants. Evaluate client information and provide recommendations for moving forward. Inspect site and begin optimal use study.

Set Budget: Meet with prospective contractor. Is the budget realistic to clients dream? Advise either way.

Targeting: What is the main objective for the site? Are we using the land to its full potential for "your" use? Where do we start in order to get you up and operating quicker? What permits will come in easier?

Design: Tammy Pillette or one of her team members will customize all modular and/or steel buildings and assist in the design of all other on site facilities and equipment layout. During building phase, through a combination of site visits, phone and email, a constant communication is kept with the General Contractor. All concerns are handled for the client by Barns by Tammy ~ Southern California Barns. Photos of progress are a part thereof.

Project Management Fee Services:

The following services will either be a straight fee or a percentage of the sale is added to invoice for time and efforts.

Purchasing: Bids will be collected in regard to outside services. Rubber Pavers, Stall mats, Fencing, Fly Systems, and the like ... Either, Tammy Pillette or the client will choose from bids, make purchase and move forward or they will be brought to council and a decision will be made, Which ever the client has asked of our services.

Engineering: We handle all engineering, acquire permits, expedite.

Contact county: Are there any wild life studies, zoning problems, what does the title report show?

Contracts: we handle contracts with sub contractors through the use of our General contractor. We will hire and manage all Subs.

Site management:We manage the project to it's completion. However, we are here to service your needs for years to come.



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Pillette Contracting Inc. #972284
Authorized dealer FCP Barns & Buildings
Based in San Diego, California

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